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Wednesday, April 23, 2014
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  USV Information Packet USV Inspection Certificate
Block Party Street Closure Application 2014 Community Garden Agreement
Do Not Knock Registry Registration Form Employment Application
  Do Not Knock Registry Registration List  
Application For Commercial Plan Approval Application For Electrical Permit
Application For Residential Plan Approval Application For HVAC Permit
Application For Conditional Use Application For Certificate Of Zoning Compliance
Application For Fence Permit Application For Sign Permit
Parade or Public Assembly Permit Application For Temporary Use (Special Event)Permit
Application For Variance Application For Site Plan
Preservation Area Application Floodplain Development Permit Application
Demolition / Moving Permit Application Application For Certificate Of Appropriateness
Application For Administrative Variance Application For Zoning Code or Map Amendment
Tree & Woodland Removal and Work Permit Application For Subdivision
Application For Street Closure Permit Application For Development Plan - Final
Application For Amusement Device Application For Development Plan - Preliminary
Application For Amusement License  
  Application For Engineering Construction Review  
  Ductile Iron Pipe and Fittings - Item 1000
Corrugated Metal Pipe - Item 1050
Soil Erosion/Sedimentation Control Item - 116
Earth Excavation/Backfill - Item 120
Concrete Pipe Culverts, Drains, and Sewers - Item 1210
PVC Gravity Pipe Sewer - Item 1400
PVC Gravity Pipe Sewer for Service Laterials an On-Lot Connection - Item 1400-A1
Polyethylene Pressure Pipe, D.I.P.S. - Item 1411
Polyethylene Pressure Pipe, - Item 1412
Polyethylene Pressure Pipe Laterial Kits - Item 1414
Polyethylene Drain Pipe Laterial Kits - Item 1460
Testing of Sanitary Sewers, Waterlines and Forcemains - Item 1600
Granular Backfill - Item 164
Sterilization of Potable Water Lines and Tanks - Item 1700
Pipe Line In Casing Pipe/Tunnel - Item 1800
Pipe Line In Polyethelene Casing Pipe - Item 1801
Direct Bore For Pipeline - Item 1802
Reconnect Water Service Lines - Item 1845
Manhole Rehabilitation - Item 2000-R
Manhole/Clean Outs - Item 2000
Manhole Chimney Seals - Item 2001
Inlets and Catch Basins - Item 2025
Topsoil - Item 205
Seeding - Item 210
Fire Hydrants - Item 2715
Grinder Pump Station - Item 4075
Grinder Pump Station Installation - Item 4076
Maintaining Traffic - Item 4100
Paving Re-Enforcement Fabric - Item 450
Cured in Place Pipe (CIPP) Reconstruction - Item 901
CITY OF COLUMBUS Construction and Material Specifications
Ohio Department of Transportation Design Reference Resource Center
Temporary Traffic Control
Ohio Utilities Protection Service
Ohio EPA - Division of Surface Water
Ohio EPA - Division of Surface Water - Forms and Permits
  Right of Way  
Right of Way Use
Right of Way Permit
Sidewalk Permit